Advisory Council Members


Byron Treado, Chair            

Robyn Poulos, Vice Co-Chair 

Deanna Gelt Vice Co-Chair  

Carol Staubley, Secretary        

Kenneth Gnazzo, Treasurer        

Helen Bergenty                

Alice “Dolly” Chamberlin    

Mary Couture                

Lynn Davis

Val Dumais

Robert E. Lee

William Petit

Richard Piotrowski

Jim Welch


Distribution Committee


Deanna Gelt, Chair

Jim Lux

Lisa Mandeville

Kelly Perrotti

Richard Piotrowski
Robyn Poulos

Tabitha Wazorko

Our Council Is Proud To Serve The Plainville Community

Bringing smiles to our community since 2006

Plainville Community Fund

Of the Main Street Community Foundation

Established 2006

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The Plainville Community Fund

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